Please be sure to read my terms of service before filling the commission form!

For any inquiries, please email me at:

[email protected]

Status: CLOSED

New opening date: NOV/DEC

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-ˏˋ Soft Chibi ˎˊ-

You will receive a high-res PNG file of your commission.

✧ Includes a simple background
✧ Characters MAY be simplified
✧ Any additional pets/familiars/companions/etc. will increase the price depending on the size and complexity.

Violation/disregard of my terms will prohibit you from commissioning me again.

Upon submitting a commission form, you have read and agree with my Terms of Service.

General Terms

✧ All artworks will include a signature/watermark that may not be removed.

✧ I retain the rights to decline a commission for any reason.

✧ I will only start working on the commission after payment.

✧ Any modifications, changes, or reproductions of my work without my permission is not allowed.

✧ All communication between me - the artist - and the commissioner will be conducted and documented via email.

✧ All correspondence from me - the artist - will come from [email protected].

✧ Please provide clear visual references. Any written descriptions should be as short and simplified as possible (no exceedingly long paragraphs).

✧ All personal information will be kept private and confidential.

Payments & Prices

✧ Prices are non-negotiable.

✧ Prices are subject to change with each commission opening.

✧ All payments will be paid via PayPal invoices in EURO (€).

✧ Commissions require payment upfront and in full.

✧ Commissions with a value above €150 can opt for a payment plan. This will be discussed with the commissioner accordingly.

✧ Any additional payments received that are not part of the invoice will be considered a donation, gift, or a tip.

✧ Prices vary depending on the complexity of the commission as well as any additional elements within a single piece.

✧ Quotes will be discussed accordingly with the commissioner if direct prices are not available.

Process & Turnaround

✧ After payment, commissioner will later on receive the commission work in the form of a sketch and is allowed to request major corrections and/or alterations at this stage.

✧ After approving the sketch, no major corrections and/or alterations can be made.

✧ Commissioner will receive the finished commission per email as a high-res PNG file.

✧ Completion time generally takes one to four weeks.

▸ Turnaround time may be subject to prolongations as a result of any potential circumstances that may interfere with the timeframe. This will be discsused promply and accordingly with the commissioner.

Deadlines & Rush Orders

✧ Commissions that are requested to be done within less than 7 business days is considered a Rush Order.

Rush Orders cost an additional +50% fee of the original commission price.(*)

✧ If you need the commission done by a specific date, it is the commissioner's responsibility to give a prior notice. We will then discuss the timeframe and arrange things accordingly.

(*) For example, if your commission costs €40, a rush order would add €20 on top of that, making it a total of €60.

Cancellations & Refunds

✧ Refunds will be given if I, the artist, for whatever reason, am unable to complete the commission. Otherwise, refunds are not eligible.

✧ The commissioner has the right to request a cancellation before having sent payment.

✧ I, the artist, reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason without the obligation to provide an explanation.

Alterations & Revisions

✧ It is the commissioner's responsibility to provide all necessary and specific details of the character.

✧ The first two minor alterations are free of cost.

✧ Major corrections and alterations are ONLY offered during the sketch phase. Once approved by the commissioner, any further major corrections/alteration requests will not be fulfilled.

✧ Corrections and alterations to gain profit for individual use is not allowed.

✧ I will not redo commissions.

Commercial Purposes & Rights

✧ All commissions are for personal use only.

✧ Commissioners do not have permission to sell the artwork in any shape or form (physical merchandise, digital downloads, et alia).

Copyright & Permissions

✧ I, the artist, own and retain all copyrights over the artwork itself (not necessarily the characters therein).

✧ Commissioners are allowed to post the commission to their social media with proper credit.

✧ I retain all the rights to use the artwork in my portfolio or for self-promotion, with the exception of:

▸ If, for any given reason, the commissioner wishes for their commission to remain private, it is their responsibility to communicate and give a prior notice regarding this, as well as providing a set date for permission for it to be posted publicly.

-ˏˋ Colored Sketch ˎˊ-

Click the image to enlarge.

PRICES (per character):
Bust-up: starts at €40
Fullbody: starts at €80

Animals/Companions: +€25
Minor background elements: +€15

You will receive a high-res PNG file of your commission.